Mar. 22nd, 2017

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Moira's a friendly sort. Even as someone who doesn't party the way most people in uni do, people invite her anyways to come out to their various celebrations.

She's having fun at a birthday party when she's cornered by the young man who's been trying unsuccessfully to get her to go on a date with him for a while now. He's drunk a fair amount, and it shows in the way he leers and won't stop asking her if she'd like a drink no matter how much she refuses.

(She's almost tempted to get one, just to have the strength to deal with him, but she knows she doesn't have that much self-control.)

It only gets worse, as the night goes on. He starts getting pushier. He starts touching her hand and arm with something a touch possessive to him.She manages to get away from him while he's off searching for another drink. She finds a room in the house to lock herself away in. 

Mac has a project keeping him busy tonight. Under any other circumstances, she'd not have bothered him. Under these circumstances, he'll know it's an emergency that she calls.


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