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☺ = Family | ♥ = Love |  ♦ = Close Friendship
 ◊ = Friendship |  ≈ = Neutral/Acquaintances | ∅ = Hatred
NICOL "MAC" MACINTYRE | [livejournal.com profile] endsjustified

Many of the Project Rewrite children don't have the luxury of knowing each other prior to their respective arrivals at Oxford. Nicol Mac and Moira are a rare exception. Both born in the less pleasant part of Dalkeith, Scotland, the two grew up playing and learning together. While both were full of big dreams to get out of Dalkeith and change the world, only Moira got the chance to do so before the age of majority. When she and her family left Dalkeith for Aberdeen, she fully expected never to see Nicol again, a fact which was perhaps the greatest sadness of her move. 

Now that they've both ended up in Oxford, however, she's discovered that even if he now prefers the (very unScottish) name Mac, some things never change. He's still her bráithre and she'll do just about anything for him-- fantastical plans or no.
ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" FARNSWORTH | [livejournal.com profile] seven_per_cent

As the on-again-off-again significant other of one of her best friends, Moira knows she should probably feel more than a general liking towards Lizzie (when she and Mac are on, at least,) but perhaps it's because of their volatile relationship and the fact that she and Lizzie have yet to really talk that their friendship hasn't grown.

As they face the repercussions of Dr. Pearson's death, however, it's possible that that may change.
RODERIC "RODDY" DEMETRIO COX | [livejournal.com profile] lightofhistory

Even though they've only gotten to know each other since coming to Oxford, Moira has really come to trust and enjoy Roddy's company. He's a good-- albeit adorably awkward-- person to know and she looks forward to developing that friendship between them.
GIANNA "GIGI" GIGANTE | [livejournal.com profile] speakstostars

Chance and circumstance made these two roommates, but their differing interests yet faintly similar personalities made them friends. Although Moira can't understand Gigi's love for the stars and Gigi can't quite comprehend Moira's fascination with the past, these two still have learned how to get along splendidly and have shared many early-morning coffees and late-night chats.

Credit for the CR Chart goes here. Thanks [info]gontly


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